Hello, Food sovereignty! Online course directed at teachers in Vocational Training

From Justicia Alimentaria and Hegoa we launch this course in critical and transformative education with a triple objective:

  • Generating educational innovative proposals that promote a critical and significative learning with the food system as a transversal axis of the teaching-learning process.
  • Deepening in the knowledge of the globalised industrial agri-food system and its impacts, as well as in the alternatives that we can find in our surroundings and that could be linked to the periods of groups of business internships (FCT).
  • Identifying points of contact of the curriculum with transversal values of sustainability, gender equality, social justice, food justice or the right to food.

Start date: November 10th 2021

End date: December 1st 2021

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Collaborating entities

  • Start date/time

    10 de November de 2021, 00:00
  • End date/time

    1 de December de 2021, 00:00
  • Place

  • Funding entity

    Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation