Social and Solidarity Economy

We analyze theoretical and practical proposals in a transforming key from Critical Economies.

Rethinking solidarity and international cooperation means calling into question the dominant economic framework and the ways of approaching and understanding the economy. This area of work is based on the approaches formulated by the Critical Economies to analyse the practical and theoretical proposals to transform economic organisation at many levels and contexts.

Research lines

Feminist Economy

We focus on the feminist analysis of the economic processes and on reformulations of the socio-economic and organisational dynamics that place sustainability of life at the core.

Ethical Finance

We are interested in theoretical proposals and practical experiences that seek to put financial intermediation mechanisms and instruments at the service of Solidarity, Social and Feminist Economy projects. 



María Luz De La Cal

Professor and researcher

Marian Díez


Alfonso Dubois

Professor and researcher

Maite Fernández-Villa

General coordinator

Luis Guridi

Professor and researcher

Yolanda Jubeto

Professor and researcher

Mertxe Larrañaga

Professor and researcher

Juan Carlos Pérez de Mendiguren

Professor and researcher

Carlos Puig

Project management and advisory services

Unai Villalba

Professor and researcher